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W2 Poppet Directional Valves

Poppet Directional Valves
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W2 Series Zero Leakage Poppet Directional Valves – CETOP03/D03/NG6 manifold interface.

  • Available in 2/2, 3/2, 3/3, 4/3 and 4/4 configurations
  • Solenoid, air pilot or lever operation in most types. Manual over-ride as standard on solenoid operated versions.
  • Available with or without check valve or orifice disc in pressure port.
  • Special versions for accumulator and clamping systems with closed-crossover switching characteristics. Maximum flow rate 10l/min. Standard version W2N becomes W2P.
  • Coils can be replaced without disturbing or opening the hydraulic system.
  • Maximum pressure 315Bar.
  • Maximum flow 20 l/min (W2N types) or 10l/min (W2P types).
  • Fluid Temp. Range: -20°C, +70°C
  • Preferred voltages: 24V DC, 115V AC50-60Hz or 230V AC50-60Hz – others available on request.
  • Minimum pilot pressure of 5 bar is recommended for air operated valves.
  • Mounting attitude: Unrestricted

Ordering codes:

Valve Symbol Model No./Function Ordering Code
W2*-****-6**, 2 Port 2 Position W2*-****-6**
2 Port 2 Position.
Solenoid Operated, Air Operated and Lever Operated. Contact HEYPAC or your distributor for ordering codes.
W2*-****-6**, 2 Port 2 Position W2*-****-6**
2 Port 2 Position.
Solenoid Operated, Air Operated and Lever Operated. Contact HEYPAC or your distributor for ordering codes.
W2N-32ON-6AB, 3 Port 2 Position W2N-32ON-6AB
3 Port 2 Position.
Solenoid Operated W2N-32ON-6AB X Voltage/Hz.
Air Operated W2N-32ON-6RAD
Lever Operated W2P-32ON-6VAB
W2N-32SN-6AB, 3 Port 2 Position W2N-32SN-6AB
3 Port 2 Position.
Solenoid Operated W2N-32SN-6AB X Voltage/Hz.
Air Operated W2N-32SN-6RAD
Lever Operated W2P-32SN-6VAB
W2N-33RN-6AB, 3 Port 3 Position W2N-33RN-6AB
3 Port 3 Position.
Solenoid Operated W2N-33RN-6AB X Voltage/Hz.
Air Operated W2N-33RN-6QAD
Lever Operated W2P-33RN-6VAB
W2N-43FN-6AB, 4 Port 3 Position W2N-43FN-6AB
4 Port 3 Position.
Solenoid Operated W2N-43FN-6AB X Voltage/Hz.
Air Operated W2N-43FN-6RAD
Lever Operated W2P-43FN-6VAB
W2N-43GN-6AB, 4 Port 3 Position W2N-43GN-6AB
4 Port 3 Position.
Solenoid Operated W2N-43GN-6AB X Voltage/Hz.
Air Operated W2N-43GN-6RAD
Lever Operated W2P-43GN-6VAB
NBVP-16G-WG, 4 Port 3 Position NBVP-16G-WG
4 Port 3 Position.
Solenoid Operated NBVP-16G-WG
Air Operated Not Available
Lever Operated Not Available – see Rotary Lever Valves for alternatives.

Rotary Lever Operated Valves

Rotary Lever Operated Valves
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A range of ultra low leakage, manifold mounted rotary lever operated valves for pressures up to 414 Bar (6000 psi) and maximum flow rate 12 lpm. The valves have extremely low leakage, less than one drop per two minutes at rated pressure. They are compact, lightweight and shift easily even under maximum pressure. The manifold interface conforms to CETOP03/DO3/NG6 standards. As well as the manifold connection, the valves are also available in body-ported versions to special order. The valves are constructed of heat-treated alloy steel and aluminium components. The valves are suitable for use with mineral based oils. For use with other fluids please consult us or your local distributor.

Ordering codes:

Valve Symbol Function Ordering Code
3 Port 2 Position 3 Port 2 Position MDCM-035-NO
4 Port 3 Position 4 Port 3 Position MDCM-045-NO
4 Port 2 Position Detented 4 Port 2 Position Detented MDCM-045-NO-D

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

A direct operated CETOP03/D03/NG6 pressure reducing valve for use with HEYPAC pumps. The valve is supplied in either “flange” form (HPA11) for use as a single sub-plate mounted valve or “sandwich” form (HPA12) for use as part of a valve stack. The reduced pressure is adjustable by means of a socket head screw.

  • Maximum inlet pressure 315 Bar
  • Maximum flow rate 20l/min
  • Reduced Pressure Ranges – see ordering code

Ordering codes:

Description Codes    
Main Code HPA11 A X 200
Flange Mount HPA11    
Sandwich Mount HPA12    
Reduced Pressure Port      
“A” port (HPA11 & HPA12)    
“B” port (HPA12 only)    
“P” port (HPA12 only)    
Socket Head Screw    X  
Reduced Pressure Range      
1 to 31.5 BAR     31
2 to 63 BAR     63
4 to 125 BAR     125
4 to 160 BAR     160
5 to 200 BAR     200
5 to 315 BAR     315