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HEYPAC pumps and power units may be found in the following and many other applications:

  • Hydraulic workholding, clamps, swing clamps, work supports, chucks and rotary tables.
  • Low flow, pressure sustaining hydraulic systems.
  • Pressure testing, tensile testing, non-destructive and burst testing.
  • Garage equipment, pit jacks, vehicle lifts, bench presses and hydraulic pullers.
  • Mechanical handling, scissor lifts, lift tables, forklifts, pallet trucks, drum manipulators.
  • Hydraulic operation of industrial and marine disc brakes and clutches.
  • Waste compactors, both on and off-shore.
  • Commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers, hydraulic actuation of doors, ramps, out riggers, lifting floors, tail lifts.
  • Automatic die-change, die-lifting and locking on presses.
  • Airport ground support equipment, fluid transfer, hydraulic system pressure testing and auxiliary hydraulic pressure supply.
  • Hydraulic actuation of process gate, ball and globe valves in oil, petrochemical and chemical industries.
  • LPG pumping and residual gas reclamation from bottles prior to valve replacement.
  • In all potentially explosive environments where protection to Ex II 2 G D,c T6 (85) is applicable.