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Air filter/Regulator Assembly

Air Filter/Regulator

A range of compressed air filter regulators with automatic drain, pressure gauge and fitting to enable direct mounting on GX and KR series pumps. Additional wall mounting brackets, shut-off valves and emergency dump valves are available upon request.

Note: To achieve maximum flow and pressure with GX series pumps use 6B* or 6N* variant of filter/regulator.

Ordering codes:

Pump Range Thread Ordering Code
GX**-B** G ½” HA-FR-GX-4B
GX**-B** G ¾” HA-FR-GX-6B
GX**-S** ½” NPT HA-FR-GX-4N (US use only)
GX**-S** ¾” NPT HA-FR-GX-6N (US use only)
KR**-B** G 3/8” HA-FR-KR-3B
KR**-S** ¼” NPT HA-FR-KR-2N (US use only)